Theology: The Live Sessions

Do you want to go deeper in thinking about your faith? Do you ever wonder why Christians disagree on some issues, and want to explore further? Are you interested in theology but don’t have much time to study? If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes” then Theology – the Live Sessions could be for you!
Our “TLS” group began meeting in September 2017 to hear teaching and engage in lively discussions on subjects such as those below.
Tap the individual subjects to listen to the podcast and download the session notes. The podcast home page on Podbean is here. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here. More subjects will become available throughout 2018.

How to Study Theology...

17th September 2017

..without damaging your Faith!

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The Bible...

15th October 2017

...What it is and what it isn't

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19th November 2017

...Going from “then and there” to “here and now”

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10th December 2017

...What's the Big Deal?

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The Gospel...

23rd January 2018

...It’s a bigger story than you think!

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20th February 2018

...What actually happened at the cross?

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Justification and Righteousness

18th March 2018

...What are they exactly?

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15th April 2018

...Is “heaven” where we’re headed?

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20th May 2018

...What does the Bible really say about it?

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Free will...

17th June 2018

...Calvin, or not? If not, what?

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Creation or Evolution...

16th September 2018

...Or both? What are the issues?

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Violence in the Bible...

21st October 2018

...How do we handle it?

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The End Times...

20th January 2019

...Can we be optimistic or should we worry?

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24th February 2019

...What does God think? How can we respond?

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Led by Paul Callan, we meet together on the top floor of the Schofield Centre between 9:00 and 10:15 am on the third Sunday of each month. Coffee and light refreshments provide food for thought during the discussions! Come ready to think, debate and maybe even change your views – but conformity is not expected or required!

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