Pete Benest

Where are you from?

South Benfleet, Essex

Why are you in Loughborough?

I moved up from Essex at the age of 19 to help lead a church
project and never left.

What is your heart for King’s Church?

To be caught by the awesomeness of our God to such a
depth that we are spoilt for anything else and to allow these
encounters to be a river of the Holy Spirit flowing through
us bringing the kingdom of God wherever we go.

Tell us something quirky about yourself?

I love trying new food to the extent that I have eaten some
very strange things, particularly in China.

Tell us about your family?

I have been married to my wonderful wife Sarah for 20
years. We have great twin boys Joshua and Nathan and a
lovely daughter, Emily. We also have a cat called Muffin
who is a much loved member of the family.

5 words that best describe you. Go!

Passionate, caring, loyal, competitive & adventurous