Maria Laxton

Where are you from?

Lived all round the country but been settled in Castle Donington for the
last 23 years.

Why are you in Loughborough?

I became a Christian in one of the Charnwood churches 18 years ago and
have hung around since and now most of our lives as a family happen
around Loughborough (kids go to school there etc).

What is your heart for King’s Church?

When I became a Christian I felt God offered me an adventure – I didn’t
want a boring Christian life and I’m still looking to live it full of
adventure. As a church my heart is that we would authentically reflect the
heart of God. Different churches have different expressions of values but
I want to belong to a group of people who are not content just to meet on
a Sunday. I want to see the kingdom of God expressed in all its glory,
messiness and supernatural power and I believe I’ve found a group of
like-hearted individuals who want to take God at His word and see the
kingdom expressed, not by might or power but by His Spirit.

Tell us something quirky about yourself?

Before I die I want to see an Angel (a big one with or without wings), see
someone raised from the dead and the Aurora Borealis.

Tell us about your family?

I’m married with 5 children from age 26 to 13. My dad died about 9 years
ago and my mum lives in a local nursing home now. My 2 older grown
up kids have pretty much left home now, and are living in Nottingham. I
have 1 at university and the other two in secondary school. When we get
together now the food bill and the noise is unbelievable!

5 words that best describe you.

Discerning, Determined, Capable, Empathic, Intelligent