Friendship and Family

Friendship and Family

Rew Hulley

Friendship and Forgiveness

Paul Callan

Authentic Relationships

Maria Laxton

Be a Befriender

Samantha C

Unless the Lord Builds the House (Cluster Sunday)

Paul Callan and Maria Laxton

Friends of Jesus: Forerunners

Rew Hulley

Knowing God

Joel Gill

Cultivating Honour

Paul Callan

Relationship and Family

Gareth Duffty

Welcoming Grace

Olly Barker

Friends of the Earth

Joel Gill

Encountering God Together

Pete Benest

Stay Alert, Be Faithful

Cedric and Denise Pekeur

Life in the Spirit

Edward Mastiki and Frankwell Mwali

Radical Love

Liv Bauckham

Hearts Set on Pilgrimage

Steve Wilkins

Disciple Making Communities

Paul Callan

Church: Not Just Another Club

Rena Wotherspoon

Church: Not Just Another Club (Part 2)

Rena Wotherspoon

Council of God

Paul Callan

Working through Desperation

Dettie Wellington

All That is in My Heart

Rew Hulley

The Pattern of Christ

Gareth Duffty

Four Words & Four Pictures

Helen Moses

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