We believe that the best way to develop our faith, support one another, and work towards the kingdom of heaven here on earth as Jesus’s disciples is through loving, authentic relationships as family and friends together. 

One of the best ways of doing this is through our small groups, many of which meet midweek. Each group has its own flavour and diversity and seeks to develop our relationship with God (upwards), our relationships with each other (inwards) and our relationships with others, broader society and creation (outwards). There is no set format to each group but typically they involve sharing life together, eating when circumstances allow, providing care and support either practically, emotionally or spiritually and reaching out to others interested to share in the beauty of the kingdom of God that we have discovered for ourselves through relationship with Jesus.   

UP – Growing in our love, knowledge and experience of God

IN – Establishing and enriching our togetherness

OUT – Relationships with others, broader society and creation

To get involved with a Lifegroup have a chat with one of the leaders on a Sunday, or email us for more information about who leads the various groups, where they are located and when they run.