Our Ethos

We see church as a vibrant community living as a loving family.  Our vision is that everyone will understand God’s purpose, love Jesus passionately and live authentic Spirit-filled lives.

We believe some of the greatest resources people have are their dreams and gifts and that these are God’s way of involving us in His plan for the whole of creation.  We are committed to helping people discover and outwork their dreams and skillfully use their gifts.

We desire to cultivate an environment of faith, hope and love, expressing these through joy, generosity, care and a sense of adventure. 

We encourage everyone to live a Jesus-centred life, following his lead, working for and experiencing His kingdom here on earth now. We want to help people find a place to belong and experience the powerful transforming effect of God’s love and grace, forming community and living in deep, authentic relationship with one another. 

We are motivated in every activity we do as a church family by Jesus’ love, life and mission. This shapes how we function as His family, knowing that just as Jesus came in His humanity to reveal the love of the Father, so Jesus invites us to do the same. Through this, we want to see society and creation restored to be all that God has imagined them to be.