We are a vibrant and diverse community of people, from across Loughborough and the Charnwood area, that are passionately in love with Jesus.  We are convinced that God’s ideal for His people is to be a loving family.  So, whether you’re young, old, single or married, and whatever culture you’re from you’ll find a sense of belonging because we’re passionate about people. As committed followers of Jesus our desire is to see our town, region and this nation transformed by His life and love.

We gather in small ‘life groups’ at various times throughout the week, and in larger numbers on most Sundays too.  Relationships with various national and international leaders, including those who function in the Ephesians 4 roles of apostle or prophet, and also links with other church families have been, and continue to be, crucial in our ongoing growth and development.

The group of churches we are part of is known as “Together” www.togetherweb.net We’d love you to find a sense of belonging with us as we journey together to love and live like Jesus.